Sundaram Prabhu

Chairman & CEO

A seasoned Administrative, Financial and Auditing Professional, with Top level management and business strategy experience, possessing strong leadership and managerial competencies with excellent communication, administrative abilities, motivational and inspirational skills.

Thirty five years of rich experience entails driving strong business performance, developing financial and governance strategies. Accounting, Auditing and Internal Auditing activities, Financial Analysis, Budgeting, Contract Negotiations, Forecasting, ensuring compliance to all administrative matters, Information Technology and cyber security including legal and tax requirements. He belongs to the 1984 Indian Audit and Accounts Service (I.A.A.S.) Presently holding the post of Principal Accountant General (Accounts &Entitlements) in the state of Karnataka, Bangalore, India.

He worked as Controller of Administration in the apex body of National Security Apparatus i.e., Technical Research Organisation of the Nation under the direct charge of NSA in Prime Minister's Office.

He has been holding State/National level posts during this period. He has been associated with inter and intra Governmental Agencies, Governmental and Non-Governmental bodies, Companies and Corporations.

He can lead his team with strong managerial and leadership skills , demonstrate it with more viability to build teams and serve as a model to others.

Identified the strategic issues, analyzed the risks and managed it to create an enabling environment; to effectively lead and motivate the teams for enhancing their initiatives.

Widely travelled in USA, Europe and Africa. He has also went as the Head of the Missions.

He has been consistently involved in Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Teams. He has got a strong base on knowledge areas like Information technology, Cyber Law, Patent Law and International relations.

He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Awared by ISACA, USA, a certified Internal Auditor (CIA) specialised in Internal Auditing, Financial and Management Accounting awarded by Institute of Internal Auditors, Florida, USA. He is also certified in Risk and Information System Control (CRISC) awarded by ISACA. He is also a Member of ISACA, IIA, and life member of IDSA, IIPA, ICADR, ICA, CSI, IPAI, USI and Bangalore International Centre.

He has functioned as Controller of Administration in the National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), which is under the direct charge of the National Security Adviser in the Prime Minister’s Office. He has conducted Various Conferences Seminars, Inter-Active Sessions both of International and National importance.

Mobilized resources at an optimum cost. Led dialogue with the World Bank, KPMG, DFID, JBIC Japan, Government of India to obtain the best from them and maintained productive and professional relationship.

Conducted Audit of UN agencies and Embassies in Africa, Europe and Latin America.

Conducted Embassy Audit at Nairobi (Kenya), Lagos (Nigeria), Benin, Kinshasha (Zaire) and Harare (Zimbabwe).

Conducted International Audit (Financial Audit) of the ‘International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology’ (New Delhi component, Trieste component, and Trieste Headquarters) as a Team Leader during April/May 2005.

Conducted Audit of Food and Agricultural Organization Regional Offices at Mexico and Colombia (Bogota)